Many ignore the step of creating a CPA firm brand. And it shows. There’s no differentiation between them and the competition, so why should a prospect choose them?

First, you’ll need a unique position in the marketplace, a very important first step. Chances are the one you think you have isn’t it.

Then we’ll need to uncover your true brand personality.

Finally, let’s determine what’s best for you: just a new website or do we also refine your logo and tagline? Should we add print? What about social media?

It’s an exciting process to go through – and you can expect quite a few epiphanies along the way.


Published articles related to branding:

Is Branding Just for Large Accounting Firms?, CPA Practice Advisor – What is branding, really? It is often misunderstood and associated with huge dollar investments – or it is thought to be simply redesigning a firm’s logo or meant for only large accounting firms. None of this is correct.

Building Your CPA Firm’s Brand, CPA Practice Management Forum – This article will define branding, review the branding process, and provide specific examples.

Communicating Your Brand Internally, MarkeTrends – A critical component of developing and promoting your firm’s brand is your internal audience, your partners and staff.  As David Maister said in an interview, “Your brand is not what you claim.  Your brand is what you enforce.”  Therefore, your firm brand is not what you would like to be but what you are, what your partners and staff can “live and breathe.”


Mashburn CPA

The Mashburn CPA branding initiative began with research, including surveys of their clients, referral sources and employees as well as a competitive analysis.  Our research clearly defined their clients’ and referral sources’ experiences working with the firm and their employees’ attitudes about the services that they deliver. The new brand focuses on what Mashburn CPA … Continue reading

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SKP Advisors

SKP Advisors was looking to refresh the firm’s website. Built in WordPress, the new website includes bold images; updated copy, and new industry and service pages; COVID resources; enewsletter sign-up form; Twitter feed; and, a blog. Keywords, meta descriptions and alt tags were added. An SSL Certificate, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics were installed. … Continue reading

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NBZ branding

Novinger, Ball & Zivi

Novinger, Ball & Zivi is a local CPA firm in Knoxville, TN, formed in 1977. The firm was looking to set the stage for future growth and called Capstone Marketing for assistance. Using our time-tested client, referral source, and internal branding surveys, and a competitive analysis, a brand positioning statement was created along with the … Continue reading

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The Accountancy

Sadd Velazquez Higashi Shammaa LLP (name prior to rebranding) had grown through two mergers over nine years to include four partners and 25 people. Ambitious growth goals were set; the team felt they were onto something unique. The partners were eager for a rebrand. The foundation of the rebrand was threefold: a new firm name, … Continue reading

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Hantzmon Wiebel LLP

One of the messages that came through loud and clear in the marketing research is that Hantzmon Wiebel clients value the firm’s knowledge. That specific word was used again and again. We took this idea, married it with the firm’s people (also beloved by clients), and turned it into a powerful positioning: We Know. This … Continue reading

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DKSS, a full-service CPA and advisory firm, embarked on a strategic branding effort including surveys of their clients, referral sources and employees as well as a look at the marketplace.  Our research clearly defined their clients’ and referral sources’ experiences working with the firm and their employees’ attitudes about the services that they deliver. The … Continue reading

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Since BatesCarter consistently exceeds clients’ expectations, we saw this not only as a strong positioning in the marketplace, but one that was not being utilized—therefore making it a perfect choice for the BatesCarter positioning and tagline. It clearly emphasizes the fact that BatesCarter always goes the extra mile for their clients. This initiative won two … Continue reading

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The new BowenPhillips tagline was chosen to demonstrate to clients that as advisors they will guide them with The Better Idea to solve problems, the “aha” moment if you will—as well as sound advice to help them keep as much of their resources as possible. Even though the tagline states characteristics of the firm, in … Continue reading

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Moore Colson

Moore Colson’s tagline, “energy. insight. growth.” describes the firm as well as what clients can expect from working with them. “Let Moore Colson point you in the right direction” is the theme of the brochures; the graphics illustrate the theme. Subsequent to the brand development Moore Colson became a Top 25 Atlanta CPA firm. This … Continue reading

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Tauber & Balser, PC

Launched in May 2004 Tauber & Balser, P.C.’s brand incorporates a new logo, tagline “The Team You Can Count On”, promotional folder and brochures, website, and communications system. The key attributes of the brand are teamwork, knowledge, experience, and the ability to solve clients’ problems. This initiative won two AAM-MAA awards in 2005 from the … Continue reading

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Sprowls & Company is a local CPA firm in Chandler, AZ. The firm was looking to be more specific about their brand and to redesign their website. Capstone Marketing conducted a Brand Surgery “lite,” including a client survey and competitive analysis. Deliverables included a brand positioning statement, the Think Ahead. tagline, and website copy, images, … Continue reading

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Cotton + Allen

At the time of the re-branding, this firm had 85 years of accounting. To us this was an advantage, which we addressed in our tagline “The legacy continues”…something their younger competition couldn’t possibly say. We brought this together with the logo, stationery, eight brochures and a pocket folder to show they are just as strong … Continue reading

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Jameson & Co

Jameson & Co. presented us with an unusual challenge: their business model of dealing with the complex details of government grants and contracts for their clients had to be explained on their website, quickly, easily and concisely. Their clients are inventors and creators, looking for a cure for cancer, inventing a new satellite for NASA, … Continue reading

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