Sadd Velazquez Higashi Shammaa LLP (name prior to rebranding) had grown through two mergers over nine years to include four partners and 25 people. Ambitious growth goals were set; the team felt they were onto something unique. The partners were eager for a rebrand. The foundation of the rebrand was threefold: a new firm name, logo and tagline.

Based on the results of the branding session and the firm’s feedback, potential firm name and tagline options were created, resulting in the new firm name of The Accountancy and the tagline “Forward thinking for your financial future.” The Accountancy’s positioning statement is: Through innovative thinking, we provide our clients with a fresh perspective in every engagement. This creative and proactive approach enables all our clients to be positioned for success on every financial front.

The Accountancy’s website needed to represent the firm brand in an innovative, fresh and creative way, and help it stand out from its competition. The chosen concept – “Meeting” – hits the “innovation” position head on, front and center. Combining innovation with some of the characteristics The Accountancy is known for — experience, integrity, and expertise, for example — we underscore both their forward thinking and the qualities they bring to their engagements. The idea of the “meeting” of these things, the intersection of them, so to speak, also supports the “future” represented in the tagline and logo choices.

A corporate identity package including letterhead, #10 envelope, mailing label, business cards, note card, A-2 envelope and personalized memo pads was designed utilizing The Accountancy’s four brand colors: plum, teal blue, gray and orange.

To support the firm’s innovative thinking a mobile app was created with MyFirmsApp. The plum brand color is featured on the app’s home page.