DKSS, a full-service CPA and advisory firm, embarked on a strategic branding effort including surveys of their clients, referral sources and employees as well as a look at the marketplace.  Our research clearly defined their clients’ and referral sources’ experiences working with the firm and their employees’ attitudes about the services that they deliver.

The new brand focuses on what the firm’s clients can count on DKSS to be: Insightful. Involved. Invaluable.  Hence, the tagline.  As experienced CPAs and advisors, they provide all of the traditional services their clients need, from tax, assurance and accounting services to strategic and succession planning. What sets DKSS apart is how they approach their work and their relationships. They enjoy what they do. They enjoy their clients. They strive to make a difference in their clients’ lives.

The new brand includes a two-color, blue and green logo, which illustrates the three word tagline: the blue triangle pointing directionally symbolizes INSIGHTFUL; the curved green line on the right represents INVOLVED; and, the curved green line on the left with the dot placed on top exemplifies INVALUABLE.  The set of seven brochures uses unique, interesting imagery to draw the readers in.  The “I” words featured in each brochure are consistent with the alliteration of the tagline.