One of the messages that came through loud and clear in the marketing research is that Hantzmon Wiebel clients value the firm’s knowledge. That specific word was used again and again. We took this idea, married it with the firm’s people (also beloved by clients), and turned it into a powerful positioning: We Know.

This reassuring, confident phrase starts all of the headlines and lets visitors know that they are in good hands: Their needs will be met by a knowledgeable, composed and unflappable team.

The carousel of images on the home page draws visitors in. It features questions that we might ask prospects / clients. And the answer? We know. Clients look to Hantzmon Wiebel to help them answer these types of questions. We know how to help you and get you where you want to go.

The open layout and candid photography – of the firm’s actual team members – impart a “behind the scenes” feel to the site — a positive, straightforward “things are getting done here” attitude. The headline typeface is bold and a little different, and the whole look and feel sets an assertive, fresh and modern tone — certainly a differentiator in the market.


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