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May 2, 2017 – 15 Years After Enron, Arthur Andersen Brand Resurges, The Trusted Professional – This article, written by Chris Gaetano, covers the revival of the Arthur Andersen brand. Read this article to find out if I think this is a smart move.

December 2016 – Seven Essentials for a CPA Firm Marketing Program, The CPA Journal – With an ever-increasing choice of marketing tools, it is important for CPAs to focus promotional efforts on the areas of greatest benefit to the firm. Read this article for seven essentials for any firm’s marketing program.

January 2016 – Accountability – Greater Impact from Personality or Culture, Public Accounting Report – Accounting firm managing partners need to create a culture of accountability. While your firm includes team members who are self-motivated most people will not be accountable unless there is a system in place that encourages it. Read this article for seven ways to build a culture of accountability in your firm.

October 2015 – The missing ingredient in growth-Does your firm need to hire a marketing director?, Accounting Today – CPA firms of all sizes are placing a greater emphasis on obtaining new clients. Research conducted by the Association for Accounting Marketing and Hinge Research Institute revealed that high growth CPA firms employ more marketers, one marketer for every 34 people vs. 45 people. This demonstrates that marketers can contribute to your firm’s growth. Yet, firm size isn’t the only criteria when considering hiring your firm’s first marketing professional. Read this article to learn more.

September 2015 – Beating the Longevity Odds – Career Paths of 3 Marketers, Growth Strategies – The accounting marketing profession has come a long way. Marketing director tenure has increased dramatically. Marketers are achieving partner, principal and chief marketing officer status. So, with these advances have partner expectations of their in-house marketers changed. Read this article to find out.

April 2014 – Crucial questions – Be sure to get answers to these at your next firm retreat, Accounting Today – Retreats are an opportunity for CPA firm partners to gather and discuss firm issues and operations. Marketing and practice development may be the focus or theme of your next retreat. Read this article for four crucial questions to ask.

January 2014 – Four Factors of Successful Accounting Firm Marketers, CPA Practice Management Forum – Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interview many people and always ask about the factors that make accounting firm marketers successful. Read this article for the four factors that stood out.

October 2013 – The Five Crucial Questions to Ask about Inbound Marketing, CPA Practice Management Forum – Inbound marketing is a methodology that helps CPA firms get found online, generate leads, and nurture new business. Read this article for the answers to five crucial questions CPAs and marketers should ask before getting started.

May 2013 – Hunting hot prospects, CA Magazine – No potential clients on the radar? Try these sure-fire methods to zero in on quality customers and land the new business that’s right for your firm.

May 2013 – What CPAs Can Learn from Client Satisfaction Superstars, CPA Practice Management Forum – Client retention is a top issue for CPA firms of every size. What can CPAs learn from Marriott, USAA, and Trader Joe’s?

February 2013 – Twelve steps to better client relationships, Accounting Tomorrow – Since strong client relationships contribute to client satisfaction, longevity and lead generation, partners often encourage their managers and staff to build relationships with their clients. But these managers and staff look at the relationships their firm’s partners have built over time and think it’s impossible to replicate their results. Consider these 12 tips to build client relationships

January 2013 – Building Your CPA Firm’s Brand, CPA Practice Management Forum – Building a brand is a collaborative process. Read this article that defines branding, reviews the branding process, and provides specific examples.

June 2012 – 5 Often-Overlooked Keys to Client Retention, First Choice – Chances are that at least some of your clients are thinking of switching CPA firms. Put these strategies to work to retain clients.

May 11, 2011 – Client Retention Strategies Every Firm Can Use, CPA Insider – To  improve your chances of client retention consider these strategies.

May 2011 – Building a brand-new brand, Accounting Today – This article, written by Danielle Lee, covers the fundamentals of firm rebranding.

January 18, 2011 – Do You Want New Clients to Say ‘You’re Hired’?, CPA Insider – Industry experts divulge nine surefire keys to your success.

December 2010 – Learning-The Key to the SevenKeys, CPA Practice Management Forum – SevenKeys CPA research reveals learning as the common denominator of highly effective, high-performing firms.

Summer 2009 – Smart Marketing Steps to Take Now, PCPS Seasonality Success – What steps should you take to get your marketing efforts back on track?  Read this article to learn more.

February 2008 – Planning and Follow Up are Key Elements of Successful Retreats – Many CPA firms conduct annual partner retreats because they can see measurable results from investing the time. Read this article for tips on planning and following up your next retreat.

June 2007 – Jean Marie Caragher on Marketing ROI, Bowman FirstAlert – Part of the Bowman FirstAlert Annual Report on big trend, unconventional wisdom, misplaced assumption, watch list, and bold prediction by some of the profession’s best thinkers on a variety of topics.

June 2007 – Manage Marketing with a Budget, CPA Practice Management Forum – Partners continue to demand a return on marketing investment. This article is helpful to both veterans and budget first-timers.

January 2007 – Practice Profile: Thriving and Family-Friendly, Practical Accountant – A profile of a Capstone Marketing client, Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C.

October 2006 – Survey: Despite Staffing Woes, Most Firms Not Willing to Turn Down Clients, CPA Practice Management Forum – Capstone Marketing survey results indicate that most CPA firms are unwilling to turn down new business or fire clients due to the staffing shortage. What impact does this have on marketing?

August 2006 – Referral Networks: Building Relationships is a Long Process, but Not as Tough as it Sounds, CPA Practice Management Forum – Building referral networks takes consistent, personal contact over a long period of time. Read this article and learn from several marketing and sales professionals.

August 2006 – Practice Profile: Spotlight on All Assets and Aspects of a Business, Practical Accountant – A profile of a Capstone Marketing client, Tauber & Balser, P.C.

June 2006 – Think Strategically: Align Marketing Efforts with Firm’s Vision and Goals, CPA Practice Management Forum – Strategic marketing is about aligning marketing efforts to the firm’s overall goals and initiatives. Read this article and learn from several marketing and sales professionals.

May 2006 – Jean Marie Caragher on Marketing, Bowman FirstAlert – Part of the Bowman FirstAlert Annual Report on big trend, unconventional wisdom, misplaced assumption, watch list, and bold prediction by some of the profession’s best thinkers on a variety of topics.

April 2006 – Managing Growth Effectively Requires Firms To Possess The Right Plan, The Right People and The right Clients, Inside Public Accounting – Managing growth is one of the biggest challenges faced by executives at middle-market accounting firms. This Expert Q&A column share growth management strategies and techniques.

February 2006 – Conveying Your Firm’s Personality, Practical Accountant – Communications materials convey the essence and personality of your firm telling its story in a creative and compelling way.

January 2006 – Practice Profile: Continuing the Legacy, Practical Accountant – Profiling Cotton + Allen, a Capstone Marketing client, and the development of the firm’s brand.

January 2006 – Getting Bang for Your Budget, Practical Accountant – Read this article and learn about several tips for maximizing return on your firm’s marketing budget.

December 2005 – Seminar Best Practices: Careful Thought, Attention to Details Make for Successful Events, CPA Practice Management Forum – This article includes advice on planning and follow up from marketing specialists.

May 2005 – Putting Your Best Face Forward, Accountants Media Group Special Report – The top three marketing tools that generate the most leads for CPA firms are networking, mixers with referral sources, and seminars. Learn more about each of these marketing tools.

February 2005 – Tips for Tax Season, Practical Accountant – A Revenue Enhancers column about marketing during busy season.

November 2004 – Creating a New Brand, Practical Accountant – A Revenue Enhancers column about a Capstone Marketing client, Tauber & Balser, P.C., and its new brand.

September 2004 – Not as Jaded as I Think, WebCPA – Howard Wolosky’s column about a Capstone Marketing client, Tauber & Balser, P.C., and its new brand. You can imagine how excited we were about this!

Fall 2004 – Best Marketing Practices for CPA Firms, PM North America – Results of Capstone Marketing research of CPA firm marketing professionals.

August 2004 – Motivating Partners, Practical Accountant – A Revenue Enhancers column offering suggestions to help partners become more involved in a firm’s marketing efforts.

August 2004 – Vision and Goals – Get Everyone Involved!, Partner Advantage Advisory – If your employees don’t know what the firm is trying to accomplish, how can they intelligently talk about and eventually sell its services?

May 2004 – Seven Secrets to a Successful Marketing Program, Accountants Media Group Special Report – Implement a few basic marketing techniques on a consistent basis to reap more favorable results for your firm’s marketing program.

March 2004 – A Ten-Point Marketing Checklist for 2004, PM North America – A checklist of 10 points you need to stay aware of to assure that your marketing program is complete for 2004.

March 2003 – Targeted Testimonials, Practical Accountant – Testimonials are one of the most fabulous things that a CPA firm can use and collect in marketing material. Learn more from a variety of marketing specialists.

June 2002 – Discover Your Brand With Research, CPA Marketing Report – Sophisticated marketers and their partners increasingly recognize the importance of conducting research before they try to communicate their firm’s brand.

March/April 2002 – Are You Targeting Arthur Andersen Clients? Most Firms Aren’t, Bowman’s Accounting Report – Capstone Marketing survey results.

January 2002 – Tips from the Home Front – Marketing During Tax Season, Partner to Partner Advisory – Consider the time spent with clients during tax season as an opportunity to continue adding to your bottom line.

November 2001 – Partner Goals Inspire Firm Marketing, CPA Marketing Report – This article focuses on a Capstone Marketing client, Porter Keadle Moore, and the launch of the firm’s first marketing program.

September/October 2001 – Communicating Your Brand Internally, MarkeTrends – A critical component of developing and promoting your firm’s brand is your internal audience – your partners and staff.

May 2001 – How Teamwork Can Impact Your Bottom Line, Partner to Partner Advisory – Marketing requires an ongoing, consistent team effort. Building and rewarding teams is easier said than done. This article includes hands on advice that will make it easier for your firm to be successful.

March/April 2001 – Interview With David H. Maister, The Practicing CPA – This article was excerpted and adapted from a Capstone Marketing interview with David Maister.

September 2000 – Are Satisfied Clients Loyal Clients?, Partner to Partner Advisory – When your firm has more business than you can handle, are you paying attention to current client satisfaction? If not, you should.

July 2000 – Marketing directors shake up traditional firm structures, Accounting Today – Capstone Marketing research on career paths for marketing professionals. Has progress been made?