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Build Your Accounting Firm Prospect List

Build your accounting firm prospect list

Build your accounting firm prospect list.  Hoover’s is a great source for this. You can plug in specific criteria of your prospective clients, which you determined during the client analysis you did early on. You can plug in where they’re located geographically, sales, number of employees, the industry, you can dive down as specific as you want related to industry.

For those of you who may do public company work, there is Audit Analytics.

GuideStar and Charity Navigator are great sources for non-profit prospects.  Judy Diamond is a source for employee benefit plan audits and TPAs. gives you the same information and, by the name, it is free, but is very time consuming.

There are lots of other sources you could use to build that prospect list, such as:

  • Organization Membership Directories
    • Chambers of Commerce
    • Business Organizations
    • Trade Organizations
  • Business Lists
    • And many more

Beware. The quality of your prospect list is more important than the quantity. It is all about being targeted and specific. Clearly define your prospective clients, conduct your due diligence, share the prospect list with your partners to determine what they may know about them, execute your marketing campaigns, and invest your time and energy on qualified prospects, no matter how few.

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