5 Essential Elements of an Accounting Firm Marketing Plan

Setting Your Accounting Firms Marketing Goals

The eleventh – and last – in a series of blog posts based upon The 90-Day Marketing Plan for CPA Firms: How to Create the Roadmap for Your Firm’s Growth.

Over the past 11 weeks we’ve covered many aspects of developing an accounting firm marketing plan. Here is a quick review of the five essential elements:

1. Vision, Mission, Core Values

2. Current Situation

  • Description of firm/niche
  • Description of target markets
  • Growth trends
  • SWOT analysis
  • Client analysis
  • Competitive analysis

3. Goals and Strategies

4. Timetable

5. Budget

As you review your marketing plan be sure:

  • Your partner group agrees on your firm’s vision.
  • Your mission and core values are genuine.
  • Your client analysis is complete.
  • You have taken into account the feedback received from your client and internal surveys, and your competitive analysis.
  • Your growth goals are realistic.
  • Your marketing goals are “SMART” and support your growth goals and overall strategy of your firm.
  • You have included all the tasks or action steps necessary to achieve each marketing goal, along with the responsible persons and deadlines.
  • That marketing activities are planned throughout the year.
  • That you use a variety of marketing tools.
  • Your team knows how they are expected to assist in the execution of your plan.
  • That you are providing your team with the training necessary to make them more confident, effective marketers.
  • Your rewards and recognition program will encourage marketing activity.
  • Your marketing budget is sufficient to execute the plan.

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