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How to Set SMART Goals

smart goal setting concept

The sixth in a series of blog posts based upon The 90-Day Marketing Plan for CPA Firms: How to Create the Roadmap for Your Firm’s Growth.

There is something about putting information down in writing and being accountable for it that contributes to the success of marketing plan execution. Our SevenKeys CPA research tells us that Leaders are 10 times as likely to have specific and measurable goals.

When setting your goals, keep in mind the components already covered in The 90-Day Marketing Plan process: vision, mission, core values; revenue goals; client analysis; SWOT analysis; niche specialties; and, how your firm is different from your competition.

Keep your goals smart, meaning:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic and
  • Time-Bound

Then, create the strategies or action items that will help achieve your goals.

Goal chart for blog




Ask yourself, “Are we focused on the right things? If we do these things, will we achieve our goals?”

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