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Tax Season Marketing: 3 Great Ideas for 2014

Identify cross-selling opportunities. Hold client service meetings for key clients with your partners and staff. Identify the additional services that will be valuable for these clients and plan how you will pitch these services. Write a description of the benefits the clients will receive and practice your presentation. Be alert during the conversations you have with your clients and listen for “I wish,” “I need,” “I am concerned about,” “If I had time,” or “I am worried about.” What follow these phrases are opportunities for you to offer solutions and additional services. Your goal for tax season should be to arrange appointments with your clients for after tax season, when you will close the sale and provide the services.

Collect email addresses for all clients. Email marketing and electronic communications is a staple in the marketing mix of CPA firms. It is  important to provide clients and prospects with timely, valuable information. Your methodology can range from vendors who provide the platform and content (BizActions, PDI Global); purchasing content (PDI Global, Newkirk) and launching it from a separate platform (Constant Contact, MailChimp, iContact); and, writing your own content and implementing inbound marketing campaigns using a dynamic system like HubSpot. Don’t let your clients and contacts get timely, valuable information from your competitors. Make electronic communications a part of your CPA firm’s marketing program.

Collect client testimonials. Client testimonials are a powerful sales tool.  When you receive compliments from your clients ask them to put it in writing. Oftentimes, your client will ask you to draft the letter for them! Collect your testimonial letters and make them part of your firm’s electronic lobby presentation. Place them in a binder and display it in your reception area. Use quotes from the letters in your new business proposals and on your website.


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