Marketing Budget Wastes

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of presenting “Beyond Basic: How Your Marketing Budget Impacts Your Firm’s Strategy and Your Career” to the AAM-NY Metropolitan Area Chapter. It was an interactive session including how to build a marketing budget, how much CPA firms are investing in marketing, and the impact a marketing budget can have on a marketer’s career. Here are several ways that marketing dollars can be wasted:

• Spending money to reach the wrong prospects/contacts.
• Generating leads that aren’t appropriate for your firm.
• Failing to follow up on leads.
• Overemphasizing new leads.
• Investing in passive initiatives without active participation.
• Losing people on your Web site.
• Failing to get the most out of your email marketing.
• Not knowing what you get for your money.

To receive a free copy of my presentation e-mail me at jcaragher@capstonemarketing.com. Simply put “Free Presentation” in the subject line.