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3 Overlooked Items When Setting CPA Firm Revenue Goals

The fourth in a series of blog posts based upon The 90-Day Marketing Plan for CPA Firms: How to Create the Roadmap for Your Firm’s Growth.

There are three often overlooked items to consider when setting your CPA firm’s revenue growth goals:

  • Non-recurring or lost revenue
  • Cross-selling revenue
  • Sales close rate

Here is an example of how to set your revenue goals.

Revenue Goal Example












Let’s say that you’re starting with $3 million in revenue. You need to figure out the amount of non-recurring or lost client fees and subtract that amount from your current fees. In this case, for this $3 million firm, there is $100,000 in non-recurring work that they cannot count on in the next fiscal year, which gives them a starting point of $2.9 million.  The estimate for new clients is $150,000, and $70,000 from current clients (cross selling revenue). The result is an overall goal of $220,000 of new revenue needed to achieve 4% growth.

Then, figure out your average fee per client (part of The 90-Day Marketing Plan client analysis).  In this case, the average fee per client is $15,000; 10 new clients are needed to achieve the $150,000 of new revenue. Cross-selling revenue is tracked separately.

Then, consider your close rate.  In this example, this fictitious firm has a close rate of 50% so they need 20 opportunities for new business with the assumption of closing half, with an average fee of $15,000 to achieve the $150,000 new revenue goal.

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