Client Satisfaction

Protect Your CPA Firm’s Clients From Competitors

In the 2011 PCPS CPA Firm Top Issues Survey retention of current clients showed up on every segment’s top-five list, while it only made two groups’ top five in 2013. Firms, buoyed by a strengthening economy, seem more confident in their ability to hold on to existing clients and seem to be shifting their emphasis to gaining more work.

This may be a false confidence since the majority of CPA firms do not measure their performance in client service and satisfaction. They do not seek client feedback.

This doesn’t stop every CPA firm from making the promise of providing superior client service. Yet, few are willing to gather the evidence to back up this promise.

And, if everyone is looking for new clients, then where do you think they are coming from?

Your competitors are targeting your clients!

Don’t be complacent and take client satisfaction and retention for granted. Here are two action steps to get you started.

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