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CCH Launches New ProSystem fx Client Intelligence Solution

Bringing in new clients and retention of current clients are two top issues that CPA firms are dealing with today.  How can firms provide the proactive, value-added services that clients are looking for? What “extras” can you bring to meetings with potential clients?  CCH,  a Wolters Kluwer business, is launching a new product this week that may provide an answer.

ProSystem fx® Client Intelligence is a solution for automating the continual analysis of clients’ business performance. Now, you will have the ability to create a firm-wide business intelligence system focused on client results that will integrate with ProSystem fx® Engagement.  Through an expanded partnership with financial and business software provider iLumen, ProSystem fx Client Intelligence identifies hidden opportunities for business clients by generating real-time, value-added analysis. Clear, detailed solution reports strengthen communications between firms and clients as well as promote greater collaboration on a wider variety of analytics – boosting retention and solidifying CPAs as trusted advisors.

“ProSystem fx Client Intelligence allows professionals to perform extensive analysis of their client’s financial data in a way they’ve never been able to before, providing a competitive edge for firms to capture, retain and advance business,” said Mike Ritchie, CCH Director of Product Management, Accounting, Audit & Workflow Solutions. “With growing industry trends for specialized client analysis, incorporating iLumen’s financial analytics and business intelligence tools will allow users to gain deeper insight into their client’s business performance – increasing the value of what firms can offer their clients.”

For more information call CCH at 800-739-9998.