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Why Clients Change CPA Firms

Sixty-six percent of clients say the main reason they would terminate their CPA firm is for poor “client service and attentiveness.” Yet, only 27% of CPAs see “client service and attentiveness” as a problem. Client service and retention has never been more important. In these times of fee shopping and negotiation it is critical to solidify your client relationships.

Attend our webinar, “Client Satisfaction and Service: How to Retain Clients and Grow Revenue in a Recession,” October 7, 12:00-1:00 p.m. Eastern and learn:

  • What clients really think
  • Why accounting firms lose clients
  • How to manage client service to maximize client satisfaction
  • The hidden land mines in your marketing program
  • How extraordinary client service can pay off for your firm
  • Client service opportunities for tax season