Client Satisfaction

A Surprise at the Pump

I recently visited with a client in the Northeast. I stopped at a gas station on my way to the airport to fill the tank of my rental car. As usual I stepped out of the car, swiped my credit card, and started pumping gas. I looked up and noticed that a man was watching me, not saying a word. Now, I’m wondering why this man is watching me. Finally, I asked, “Is this a full service station?” He nodded and said, “Yes.” What a surprise! I haven’t been to a full service gas station in 20 years. He finished pumping the gas, handed me my receipt, and said, “Have a nice day.”

What a pleasant experience I had at that gas station, unusual to say the least. It was like the pizza delivery man arriving earlier than expected or a retailer honoring an expired coupon. What is your firm doing to unexpectedly delight clients? Calling them rather than sending an e-mail? Taking them to lunch rather than just calling them? Delivering a project or report early? Identifying solutions to problems they didn’t even know they had?

Today’s economy is causing many CPA firms to refocus their marketing efforts. Client service and satisfaction is a key component. Be sure to pay attention to your clients and do what it takes to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty. Your competition is more than willing to do so if you are not.