Maximizing Marketing Communications

Mitch Reno, Chief Marketing and Sales Officer, The Rehmann Group, presented “Top 10 Ways to Maximize Collateral!” at last week’s AICPA Accounting Firm Marketing Forum. Mitch was his usual entertaining self and provided us with a scorecard (below) and many examples.

  • Select and Segment Audience (5 points) – REACH, correct profile, psychographic and demographic understanding
  • Lead with a Headline (10 points) – USP, questions, emotion, humor, attention grabbing
  • Create Arresting Visuals (15 points) – Use of color, size, unique images, brand building continuity
  • Devise Clever Copy (15 points) – Relevant, clear & concise, easy to read, on point, actionable
  • Add Dimension (5 points) – Pop-up and cut outs, 3D, and interactive
  • Repeat and Touch Again (10 points) – Frequency, repeat content, create repetition within and across vehicles
  • Call to Action (5 points) – Next step, easy to find and act
  • Integrate MarCom Approaches (10 points) – PR, direct mail, events, electronic, broadcast, etc.
  • Electrify Pathways (10 points) – Linked to emarketing, captures email, self-guided education reach
  • Track Results and ROI (15 points) – Track and measure the impact of every investment

How do your collateral materials measure up?