People Are Paid to Do That

I was traveling back home after visiting family for Christmas headed to the baggage claim at Norfolk International Airport. While riding the moving walkway and talking on his cell phone an airline crew member dropped his newspaper. I called to him to let him know but he didn’t seem to care. I picked up the newspaper and gave it back to him. Still talking on his cell phone he said to me, “People are paid to do that.” Clearly, he was fine with leaving his garbage on the ground for someone else to clean up. Can you imagine if the newspaper was left on the moving walkway, rolling off onto the ground, to be trampled by thousands of people? I was so disappointed in his attitude.

As the New Year approaches let’s make 2009 the year in which we are the doers, not those that expect things done for them. Let’s examine how our actions affect others and how we can have a positive impact on our world. Let’s be accountable. I know that many of you already exhibit these qualities; I always think there is room for improvement.

Happy New Year!