From the Mouths of Referral Sources

It’s not only CPA firm marketing professionals and consultants who encourage CPAs to ask their referral sources for leads. Referral sources themselves expect to be asked for leads. Recently, I moderated a panel of referral sources for a client’s training program. They described good referral sources as those:

  • who reciprocate leads
  • who provide value for fees paid
  • who are reponsive to both the client and the referral source
  • who are team players and take an active interest in the client and the community
  • who evaluate the chemistry between the client and the potential referral source

Their additional advice?

  • Develop a specialty and be the “go to” person for that specialty.
  • Allocate time for face-to-face meetings.
  • Get out there and become known.

What I’ve learned so far is that working your network is both a professional and effective way to generate new business leads. Learn how to ask, reward your referral sources, and watch your firm grow.