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Four Reasons to Fire a Client Today

Rick Telberg, president and chief executive of Bay Street Group, recently addressed this topic on his blog, His post is on target. I’d like to add a few more reasons to fire a client:

  • Unsatisfactory realization
  • No growth potential
  • High risk
  • Client doesn’t need your firm’s expertise

What I’ve learned so far is that most CPA firms won’t consider firing clients – even the difficult and unprofitable clients – despite the fact that those firms that regularly do so are more profitable and have happier partners and staff. Perhaps it’s time to take another look at this worthwhile strategy?

One thought on “Four Reasons to Fire a Client Today

  1. Bowman Report

    CPA firms are desperate for more staff that will allow the firms to deliver more services and drive additional revenue. In firing “D” clients, firms can free up additional “inventory” to deliver more profitable services to their best clients. It’s a win – win – win situation. Staff are happier. Clients are better served. Firms are more profitable.

    “Art will always be Art.” – Goethe

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