“Jean is professional, enthusiastic, and energetic and will definitely push you out of your comfortable zone, which is something that most of us in the profession need from time to time. Much of our firm’s success over the last few years can be attributed to our relationship with Jean Caragher. We believe that Jean is a valuable resource that truly understands the marketing needs of accounting firms. It has been our privilege to work with her.”

William A. Young, Jr., CPA
Managing Partner
Mitchell Wiggins

“After working with you for a little less than two years, our firm’s commitment to marketing and appreciation for its value is remarkably stronger. Your structured process of assessment and the development of a written marketing plan provided clarity and accountability.  Your quarterly visits including plan review and reports of activities since your last visit were very effective. Your training programs with all of our professional service personnel reinforced the message we were delivering in our communications of an effort to upgrade our marketing culture.  We have upped our game in a big way and you were the catalyst.”

Scott L. Williams, CPA
Gilliam Coble & Moser, L.L.P.

“When we decided to undertake the challenge of rebranding our firm for its 90th anniversary year I had no hesitation engaging the services of Jean Caragher and her firm Capstone Marketing to lead us through this initiative. From top to bottom she and her team guided us through the process bringing their knowledge, skills and positive energy to each step along the way.  Our rebranding was a huge success and has been well received by both clients and staff.”

S. Vincent Crescenzi, CPA, CVA, CFE
President/Managing Partner

“Thank you for providing Nail McKinney with our marketing assessment and with the development of our firm marketing plan.  We would not be at this point without your assistance. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I look forward to talking with you in the future.”

David L. Miller, CPA
Nail McKinney Professional Association

“Jean Caragher has been our firm’s marketing consultant for nearly five years.  In that time, we have established a marketing culture that permeates our firm.  We created a new brand, developed niche markets, provided marketing training for all levels, and implemented a rewards and recognition program.  This would not have been possible without Jean’s knowledge, experience and sense of humor.  We consider Jean an integral part of the T&B team.”

Leslie Balmforth, CPA
Principal, Chief Operating Officer
Tauber & Balser, P.C.
Now, Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

“Thank you for all of your guidance this year. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and we will look forward to future opportunities.”

Mark Rudolph
President and CEO
Yount, Hyde, & Barbour, PC

“Our firm has grown from 11 people to 70 and the period of most rapid growth occurred during Jean’s participation as our Marketing Consultant. We have grown from servicing one public company to twelve and have national recognition in several of our niches. Jean brings enthusiasm and expertise, each of which has impacted our shareholders and staff. Over the last two years our firm has been listed as one of the Top 25 CPA firms in the country and Jean has been an integral part of the process that enabled us to achieve the goals we set forth in our planning process. We continue to gain from her participation as our Marketing Consultant and believe she is an integral part of our firm’s management structure.”

Mark Murovitz, CPA
Managing Shareholder
Tauber & Balser, P.C.
Now, Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

“Our timing with Capstone could not have been better. We had determined a critical component of our partnership’s success would be sustained profitable growth. Jean’s contributions ranged from organizing our initial focus, challenging our thinking and helping us remain accountable. Her style fit comfortably within our firm’s culture. In the end, she provided so much initiative and value that she worked herself out of a job by assisting us in finding the perfect marketing director. Count us among the many satisfied clients.”

Phil Moore, CPA
Managing Partner
Porter Keadle Moore, LLP

“In the arcane world of professional services marketing, there’s a profound difference between mundane marketing practice and marketing wisdom. Jean Caragher has always been a font of marketing wisdom, and a significant leader in a difficult and constantly emerging marketing practice. She is one of the few practitioners who has truly helped shape the way professional service marketing is practiced. Jean, congratulations on your anniversary.”

Bruce Marcus
The Marcus Letter on Professional Services Marketing

“I wanted to express my appreciation for your workshop with Alliott Group members in San Diego. Your materials provide great support to the existing plans for our firm and in fact will help us focus our efforts to a much greater extent. I received similar comments from many other members in attendance. Personally I have learned enough at your session to keep busy for the next two years.”

Barry Brownlow, F.C.A.
Founding Partner
Brownlow & Associates
Chartered Accountants

“I first met Jean in 1986 when she was the marketing director at Israeloff, Trattner & Co. Accounting marketing was a burgeoning industry and she was at the forefront. Over the years, I’ve watched her become a leader – sharing her knowledge, gaining the respect of her clients and colleagues, and helping CPAs create and implement focused, effective marketing programs. Congratulations, Jean! I wish you many more years of success with Capstone Marketing.”

Allan D. Koltin
President & CEO
PDI Global, Inc.

“As Moore Colson has focused on its future and the marketing efforts needed to grow this firm, the decision to work with Jean Caragher and Capstone Marketing, Inc. has proven to be a great investment. Your sound marketing advice and technical skills as well as your ability to keep people focused on the task ahead have been invaluable and have led to a marketing process and product that makes Moore Colson proud.”

Jeffrey L. Hays, CPA
Director of Finance and Administration
Moore Colson

“As managing shareholder of our firm, I am very involved in the marketing function within our firm. We have worked with Jean Caragher of Capstone Marketing for over two years and she has had a profound impact on the marketing function and effectiveness at our firm. With Jean’s assistance, we have successfully established a number of thriving niches, have implemented a progressive marketing tracking and rewards program and established our firm as one of the premier service providers in our market. Prior to Jean joining our team as a consultant, marketing was an afterthought. Now, marketing is an integral part of our culture.”

Martin Einhorn, CPA/ABV, CVA
Managing Shareholder
Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C.

As usual, you did an outstanding job facilitating the marketing strategy session for our Manufacturing Industry Group. The research you gathered prior to the session and your ability to keep us focused were extremely valuable. I now have the excitement and direction at the team level to get some big things accomplished.”

Ronald W. Benoit, CPA
Moss Adams LLP

“Jean Caragher is one of the thought leaders in the field of marketing. She takes a 10,000 foot view of the situation within a firm to develop strategies for marketing, management, and leadership. Having run successful marketing departments for several CPA firms in large markets, and an accounting association, Jean is ideally equipped to consult on the tough issues facing firms today. And, she is a hellova karaoke singer.”

Neil Fauerbach, MBA
Partner – Director of Business Development & Marketing
Smith & Gesteland, LLP
2007-08 President, Association for Accounting Marketing


“I met Jean at a conference and thought if she can market us as well as she markets herself then we have a winner. She has exceeded my expectation in every way. Jean was a key part of a team that helped Wall, Einhorn and Chernitzer move from being a good firm to a great firm. Jean takes a holistic approach to marketing, helping to make it a part of the firm culture from the partners right down to the staff. She works closely and effectively with all members of the firm ensuring firm buy-in and individual accountability. Over the years of working with us she focused on doing the right things, not the easy things. She never hesitated to step up to the plate and make things happen. When we left a meeting with action items, Jean not only followed through on her list but she made sure everyone else followed through on his or hers as well. We finally grew to the point where we needed to hire a full time marketing professional and Jean did an outstanding job of finding and interviewing qualified candidates. We are extremely happy with our new marketing coordinator and we couldn’t have done it without Jean. If she weren’t so good, we’d probably still need her.”

Paul G. Di Nardo. C.P.A.
Wall, Einhorn & Chernitzer, P.C.

“I have known and worked with Jean Caragher and Capstone Marketing for about five years. Jean is a true professional, with a solid grasp of both strategic and tactical issues facing the accounting profession. She is also extraordinarily knowledgeable about a number of products and services. When these capabilities are coupled with her innate sense of practical business solutions, Jean represents a rare combination that makes her one of the top advisors in the profession today.”

Granville Loar Executive Director,  Association for Accounting Marketing
Now, Director of Education & Training, Scaffold Industry Association

“Jean Caragher is a talented professional. She is unyielding in her pursuit of the perfect campaign, tenacious in her determination to give her clients the best strategy for success and meticulous in planning, implementation and follow through. Through every phase of her work she never loses her perspective or her integrity and most especially her sense of humor. I have known Jean for almost 20 years. She is a pioneer in the accounting marketing profession and understands the value of a structured, well thought out marketing program. As a result of this understanding, her work has a measurable impact on a firm’s growth and profitability for years after she’s out the door.”

Carol Schrager
Director of Marketing
Friedman LLP
Now, Retired

“I have known Jean Caragher since I became involved with the Association for Accounting Marketing and I am always amazed at her depth of knowledge! More importantly, though, I appreciate her willingness to share all that she has learned. She is one of those founders who have never abandoned those who came after her. As a professional, as a friend and as a colleague in the world of accounting marketing, Jean has definitely had a strong positive impact on us all.”

Sally Glick
Chief Marketing Officer
Sobel & Co., LLC

“I want to thank you for the fine job you did helping us maintain our marketing efforts … A number of our partners commented to me that they appreciated having someone with your industry knowledge and background work with them to develop their marketing plans. That outside, “big picture” view along with your structured approach to planning resulted in a more focused approach to our marketing activities … My partners and I enjoyed working with you and would definitely recommend you to any firm looking for assistance with their marketing program.”

Jonathan Miller, CPA
Managing Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP
Now, Partner, Habif, Arogeti & Wynne, LLP

“Thank you for your effort … to assist our firm in creating a marketing culture. You have helped us focus our marketing program and educated the entire firm about how they can play a role in promoting CFDL, cross-selling services, and obtaining new business. You have opened our eyes to the opportunities that a proactive marketing program can bring.”

Howard P. Dorman, CPA
Managing Partner, Cohen, Friedman, Dorman, Leen & Co.
Now, Partner, Weiser LLP

“I found Jean to be friendly, articulate, and very professional in her approach. She was quick to grasp the situation and to formulate a plan of action. Her written job descriptions for the marketing director and coordinator positions were right on target and greatly facilitated our task of interviewing the candidates. I am convinced she saved us countless hours and dollars in our search. “I would, without reservation, recommend Jean as a person of high capability with outstanding organizational skills. It was a pleasure to work with her.”

Wendell Jones, CPA
Henry & Horne, LLP

“As Chairman of the fourth annual Accounting Marketing Forum … I wanted to thank you for the super job you did … I am sure that the members of the audience that were lucky enough to get a seat were impressed with your presentation. Your points were well thought-out, and your subject matter was on point.”

Walter Timoshenko
Chief Marketing Officer
Weiser LLP
Now, Independent Management Consultant

“Thanks, so very much. I believe with your help we accomplished a lot during that meeting and I shudder to think of the various directions we would have gone to without you keeping us focused. I really do look forward to working with you during the coming months and years.”

David A. Braver, CPA
Partner,  Braver Schimler Pierce Jenkins LLP

“Let me thank you for the wonderful job you did as facilitator of our annual retreat. We are looking forward to a successful 2003 with our newly found enthusiasm for marketing. We think the retreat you facilitated is responsible for the change in attitude, and the right decision was made when we engaged you to be our facilitator.”

Peter M. Bratlie, CPA
Partner, Robertson, Bailes & McClelland LLP
Now, Miller, Carpenter & Earnest

“Any number of terrific ideas for marketing is welcome and twenty is more than enough to stimulate action in anyone. Certainly, your knowledgeable and invigorating presentation on the topic was of great benefit to us.”

Kimberly A. Fantaci
Executive Director
American Women’s Society of CPAs

“Thank you again for speaking at our North American Regional Meeting … Our members found your presentation to be very beneficial … I heard many positive comments after your session. Our members appreciated your expertise in marketing.”

Patsy Bowen
Director of Meetings
AGN International

“Thank you for your valuable assistance in initiating an organized marketing program for Moore Stephens Frazer and Torbet, LLP. We look forward to many years of dividends from your efforts. Creating the foundation … to move our marketing program into the new millennium is essential for our survival. We are particularly pleased with our new marketing director.”

Jeff C. Jones, CPA
Managing Partner
Moore Stephens Frazer & Torbet, LLP

“On behalf of the MN Chapter of AAM, I want to thank you for coming to speak to our group. Your insights into our profession … are so helpful to all of us who want to make a real impact on our firms.”

Janet Maddalena
Marketing Director
Virchow, Krause & Co.

“Thank you for your participation in the 1999 A&A/MCS/Marketing Conference in Tahoe. The feedback was terrific. Your energy level and expertise contributed to a successful meeting … It was a pleasure working with you. We appreciate your professionalism …”

Accounting Firms Associated, inc.