What is the most significant change CPA firm managing partners have noticed in accounting marketing over the past 20 years? Partners now consider marketing an integral part of managing and growing their firms. And, the vast majority agree that their marketing professionals have contributed to their firms’ growth and success.



Yet, a few of the common stumbling blocks still encountered by CPA firm marketing professionals include:

  • An unclear (or lack of a) job description.
  • Unrealistic expectations, both on the part of the marketing professional and the firm’s partners
    and staff.
  • Partners’ lack of support for the marketing effort.
  • Marketing professional’s lack of authority and support.
  • Lack of a firmwide marketing plan.
  • Inability to demonstrate return on investment.

Don’t let your firm fall into this trap! Utilize Capstone Marketing’s proven strategy to recruit the ideal marketing professional to meet the needs of your firm.

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