Join the Evolution!

Hello, and welcome everybody. I’m Jean Caragher, president of Capstone Marketing. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this program today, Join the Evolution!

Watch Join the Evolution!

It is 45 years since Bates vs. Arizona enabled professional services firms to market their services. It was 33 years ago that AAM was formed. And, at its recent Summit, AAM named its 30th Marketer of the Year, all milestones in our profession. This got me thinking about the evolution of accounting marketing and what that means to firms and marketers now and going into the future.

I’m thrilled with the panel that we’ve assembled:

Now, you can watch our lively discussion as our panelists shared:

  • How they survived their first year in accounting marketing.
  • When they realized they were pursuing a career in accounting marketing rather than just filling a job position.
  • The best opportunity in the accounting marketing profession today.
  • If marketing and business development has harmed the accounting profession.
  • And so much more!

I hope this is the first of many programs we can set up like this to talk about where we are as a profession and where we’re moving forward.

Thank you.