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Creating Persuasive Business Proposals

Competition is more fierce than ever. CPAs need to learn how to compete on value rather than price. How do you create a persuasive business proposal to help you win new business?

Get the answers by attending this Capstone Sales Series webinar, presented by Tom Sant. Tom is the author of the best-selling Persuasive Business Proposals and has been called “America’s foremost practitioner of proposal writing.” He was also named one of the top 10 sales trainers in the world by Selling Power magazine. In his session, he will explain and illustrate:

• The difference between information and persuasion.
• The seven vital questions you must answer to create a client-centered proposal.
• How to differentiate your services in a commoditized market.
• How to create a compelling value proposition.
• Effective ways to follow up your proposal to win the business.

For a preview of the wisdom Tom will share during this webinar check out the CPA Insider article Three Ways to Win More New Business.

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