Capston Final-resizedThe Capstone Community is a community of accounting firm managing partners interested in education and collaboration regarding CPA firm marketing, growth and client retention. To encourage accountability and execution each managing partner will participate with another member of his/her firm.

Each Capstone Community will meet 13 times over an 15-month time period (no meetings in March or December):

  • Monthly one-hour group webinar/online meeting
  • Monthly one-hour individual coaching call

Program Schedule:

June 2017 – Setting Yourself Up for Success

July 2017 – Create Your Firm’s Marketing Plan and Budget

August 2017 – Niche Marketing

September 2017 – Build/Work Your Referral Network and Small-Scale Mixers

October 2017 – The Wide, Wide World of Websites and Getting Found Online

November 2017 – Personal Branding

January 2018 – Prepare for 2018 Tax Season

February 2018 – Tax Season Marketing Ideas

April 2018 – Client Satisfaction and Retention; Client Evaluation – Who to Fire?

May 2018 – Enewsletters, Client Communications, and Content Marketing

June 2018 – Technology: Apps and Tools to Increase Efficiency and Productivity

July 2018 – Get Your Team Focused on Firm Growth

August 2018 – Program Wrap-Up: Best Practices Learned

Download the Capstone Community 2017 Brochure for complete program description and curriculum.



Benefits of Membership:

  • Limited to 10 firms of similar size
  • Members are geographically exclusive
  • Peer Capstone Community members
  • 24/7 access to the Capstone Community Library
    • Templates
    • Checklists
    • Videos
    • Monthly group meeting videos
    • Capstone Marketing eBooks
    • Recommended reading
  • A complimentary copy of The 90-Day Marketing Plan for CPA Firms: How to Create the Roadmap for Your Firm’s Growth

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Frequently Asked Questions:

       1. Is it required to have someone participate with me?

Yes. Studies – and human nature – show execution and accountability increase when working as a team. You will derive greater benefit from participating with a team member, e.g., fellow partner, manager, firm administrator or marketing professional.

      2. What if I miss a group webinar?

To optimize your investment, we encourage attending all sessions. However, managing partner schedules are complex and demanding. All group webinars will be recorded for your viewing on demand. Additionally, we will arrange targeted follow-up interactions with key members of the group where collaboration will add value to both firms. Our goal is to make this program integrate into your schedule as best as possible.

      3. What if I miss a coaching call?

Similar to the group webinars we realize there may be times when a private coaching call will need to be rescheduled. Every effort will be made to reschedule calls with respect for each person’s availability and convenience.

     4. Will the Capstone Community members know each other or is membership confidential?

One of the benefits of Capstone Community membership is your peer group. Members will know each other and are encouraged to share ideas during and after the programs.

Additional questions? Contact Jean Caragher at 727.210.7306 or